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x64 Windows 10 Pro 2009.685 Lite Plus Oprekin


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Windows 10 Pro 2009.685 Lite Plus
+ integrate windows10.0-kb4592438-x64
+ integrate windows10.0-kb4592920-x64
+ integrate windows10.0-kb4593175-x64
+ fix some minor bugs

Windows 10 Pro 2009.662 Lite Plus
+ integrate windows10.0-kb4586853-x64
+ add few new settings for UAC
+ fix some minor bugs

Windows 10 Pro 2009.630 Lite Plus
+ integrate windows10.0-kb4586781-x64
+ integrate windows10.0-kb4586858-x64
+ integrate windows10.0-kb4586861-x64
+ integrate windows10.0-kb4586864-x64

Windows 10 Pro 2009.610 Lite Plus
+ integrate windows10.0-kb4580364-x64
+ integrate windows10.0-kb4588844-x64
+ change power plan to ultimate performance by default
+ add few tweak for better performance and reduce windows latency
+ fix office 2016-2019 error after update
+ disable notification center
+ disable smart multi-homed name resolution
+ disable Meltdown and Spectre Mitigations
+ disable removable drive indexing
+ disable Prefetcher (Superfetch)
+ disable Automatic Maintenance
+ add copy to and move to option in windows context menu
+ prevent windows from nagging and checking about license
+ more new tweak for better performance and improve privacy
+ remove few unnecessary component
+ fix some minor bugs

Windows 10 x64 compatible build

use rufus to create bootable usb or burn dvd at slow speed



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